Earlimart, anyone?

Ack! Earlimart is playing tonight at Modified Arts and I am scrambling to find someone to go with me! My ex-puppy used to be the ideal companion for this type of thing. By that I mean seeing live performances by under-the-radar-but-magically-delicious bands. This is just criminal...and I'm not much of a solo flyer. I saw a movie by myself for the first time in my life a few months ago. (See the post where I poop on Garden State.) (And I know that some people have quite strong feelings about Garden State...I'm not saying that it was bad; it was good, actually. Just not as "amazing" as all the hype. For amazing, see The Graduate, see Harold and Maude, see Eat, Drink, Man, Woman. See Bread and Tulips. Or just rock on with your bad self and do the Zackity Braffity thang. Whatever feels good.)

And there is nothing worse than getting ready to leave a job, btw. I'm so unmotivated to do anything but continue to post on my little bloggity blog. It's so wrong! But, again, it feels so good! And I'm all about the hedonism. Except for the actual resort called Hedonism. Had a friend who took a hellish trip to Jamaica and their resort was smack dab next to a Hedonism. It was populated by liquored up Cougars (e.g. middle-aged women with a Botox punch card and leopard-print jeans) who flaunted their saggy funbags and farted in the hot tub (I'm just guessing) while having their knees massaged by undersexed and flabby middle-aged men. Apparently, said my friend, the Nude Jetskiing was a sight he will not soon forget.

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